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Why Most People Will Suffer From Pain,
Brain Fog, and Chronic Disease as They
Age — and
How to Beat Those Odds

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Kris Carr

Rising Above Adversity: Taking Back Your Health and Building Resilience and Emotional Well-Being

Saturday, April 06 — Broadcast starting @ 12 am PT until the next month's Action Hour.

Learn how to go from surviving to thriving! “Force of Nature” and all-around health and lifestyle phenomenon, Kris Carr discusses how she continues to thrive, triumph, and grow — even while living with cancer. Widely recognized for her resilience and courage in the face of her condition, Carr will share how to navigate life’s ups and downs guided by her core lifestyle and philosophical principles. You’ll discover how to maintain a positive outlook by embracing challenges and understanding the importance of mindset. And you’ll find out how embracing a whole food, plant-based diet can help control (and even treat) many life-threatening ailments like heart disease, type 2 diabetes, cancer, and more. Join in for a delightful conversation full of actionable hope!

Ocean Robbins

Your Host

As co-founder and host of Food Revolution Network, Ocean has hosted more than two million people in the annual global Food Revolution Summit, and he’s organized and facilitated hundreds of live seminars, gatherings, and events for world leaders from 65 nations. He is the author of the best-selling book 31-Day Food Revolution: Heal Your Body, Feel Great, & Transform Your World.

In Each Inspiring Action Hour,
You’ll Discover:

  • Why FOOD is the strongest — and most delicious — ally in the fight against chronic illness. Get ready to learn the top superfoods that are right in your produce aisle.
  • The scientifically proven steps to regain the ENERGY, JOY, and PEACE that’s possible…at any age and stage of life! With the right tips, feeling good again comes naturally.
  • How to optimize your immune system to support a healthy response to whatever challenges life brings. From colds and viruses to cancer prevention: discover what you need beyond vitamin C!

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Our experts are world-leading food and health mentors — with integrity and heart.

At Food Revolution Network, we ♥️ science, and we go to great lengths to make sure that the resources we share are based on peer-reviewed research, scholarly articles, university studies, and other credible sources.

We’re critical thinkers with great big hearts, and we know you are, too! That’s why this series is your trusted source for food and lifestyle wisdom, recipes, and action steps that make a difference in how you feel every day.

  • We don’t do “fake news.” Every guest we interview is an expert in their field. You need the best information to create a healthy life, and we’re determined to make sure that what you learn is actionable, results-oriented, and trustworthy.
  • Each Action Hour focuses on your WHOLE self. Everything is connected, so we focus on healthy food habits, meaningful family traditions, and wise lifestyle choices that anyone can adopt.
  • This leader takes you to the next level: naturally! Get insights to improve on every level: mind, body, and spirit. We bring holistic wisdom to help you feel supported with kindness, ethics, consciousness, and LOVE.

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